For the first time in my life I have encountered a teacher who deals with the whole person rather than only the voice and singing technique.  Almost an holistic approach to the art of singing.  I have found this utterly liberating and at long last parts of my voice which I didn't know existed are coming to the fore bit by bit. Lessons are full of confidence building and self-belief - a great approach and important for a sensitive vocal performer. In the past with other teachers I have been corrected and told my technique in breathing and the delivery of words was all wrong, often with exasperation evident. However, Ali always focuses on the positive and where something needs to be improved even further she will offer solutions and help in producing a desired sound. After years of listening to me practice singing for big choral performances, my family are saying "Wow, your singing teacher is really making a huge difference, your voice sounds so much better now".  I love practicing during the week and always look forward to my singing lessons with Ali.
Elaine-Voice Student

Being in Ali's singing group is one of the happy times in the week. She teaches with enthusiasm, encouragement and gives technical tips in a way the less musical of us can understand. She gives us great songs to sing and lovely harmonies to challenge us. Ali is generous with her time and talent and makes an hour of singing an uplifting event!
Carole-Group Class Participant





In the studio Ali has a superb attention to detail, a voice that naturally complements others and scary pitch accuracy. This coupled with being exceptionally easy to work with, makes Ali one of the best session vocalists I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
Garry Boyle-Sound Engineer at C-C-P Productions

In my musical career, I have been privileged to work with some great musicians and singers…none more talented than Ali. She has an inherent talent, fabulous voice and an enviable ear. As if that wasn’t enough she has the audacity to be thoroughly lovely. I am excited to work with her again soon.
Chris Smith-Session Musician









It has been a joy to work with Ali Bell what a treasure to find. Beautiful, mesmerising, memorable performer in her own right and as a vocal coach, outstanding! Encouraging, gentle manner, she helped me to reconnect my soul with the music. Hope we will work together again.
Fiona-Tayside Police Choir

Ali has a generous and positive approach to vocal coaching. She continually reassures where necessary and is endlessly practical. None of this complicated, unfathomable science (though she can blind you with that if you ask), she provides real workable solutions to strengthen your vocal performance. Ali imbues a sense of achievement in her students, and her relaxed, confident attitude engages and gets the best from her students. As one of a choir who has benefitted from her expertise, I can honestly say that through her ‘tricks of the trade’ she tuned a whole section from flat to in key in under an hour. The difference was quite remarkable. Our musical director’s jaw was on the ground. Highly, highly recommend her.
Lou-Lothian & Borders Police Choir

Ali has the perfect mix of solid vocal coaching expertise and a natural ability to bring out the very best in each individual. Although she was teaching a group of 100 choristers, I felt I was receiving a private lesson. Thank you for getting this growling old alto to some pretty high notes!

Ali has a way about her that puts you at ease and brings out your best. Her techniques have improved the tone, performance and confidence of the whole soprano section. She is a joy to work with and I hope it will continue. Having had the pleasure of hearing her sing, she is captivating and has brought a tear to my eye more than once.
Suzanne-Lothian & Borders Police Choir




Ali's vocal performance has the rare combination of clarity and passion. Each note is delivered with technical expertise and dripping with emotion.
Mandy-Lothian & Borders Police Choir

Ali has a natural gift for singing and teaching. She is both nurturative and has a good grasp of technique and the music industry. She sings and teaches from the heart - what you see is what you get. She is a talented young woman, showing ability and thinking way beyond her years. I strongly recommend her to all I feel need her caring approach, patience and a teaching style of holistic inclusion.
Dr Denise Borland-Performance Psychology Expert